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Buckethead Licks

The Shred of Buckethead! What’s that you say?, “Who’s Buckethead?”, Buckethead is a very creative, and experimental shredder who has found most of his fame in Japan. Just recently has Buckethead started to make a noise in the States, In this short time, he has been labeled as a “Post Neoclassical shred terror”.. Take from that what you will.. Anyway, now that his music is available here in the states I highly suggest “Giant Robot” as a good album to buy if you’re looking for your first taste of Buckethead.. How did he get the name Buckethead? “”Who’s this guitar playing son of a bitch is a question commonly asked, on his head a chicken bucket, on his face a plastic mask, he was born in a coop, raised in a cage, children fear him, and critics rave, he’s half alive and he’s half dead, and folks just call him Buckethead!”” (taken from “The Ballad of Buckethead, from his album “Monsters and Robots”) His technique stems from such influences as Steve Morse, Malmsteen, John Petrucci, Randy Rhoads and Satriani. Without a doubt, his blazing arpeggios are a force to be reckoned with, and his melodic lines can make a grown man cry. Although most of his material is written with a minor tonality, his songs in major keys flawlessly combine shred into catchy, almost pop-like tunes. I hope each of you can learn something from one of the most creative forces present in shred today. (by the way, Buckethead was recently hired by none other than Axl Rose to fill slash’s spot as lead guitarist in the reformation of Guns N’ Roses). For even more information on Buckethead, visit Since there have been many complaints concerning the technical difficulty of the lessons and tab on this site, I have decided to tab out some of Buckethead’s less technically demanding riffs for those of you just taking the plunge into shred guitar. Those who now know who Buckethead is, but still seeking more of a technical challenge, I’m sure you can find it elsewhere in this month’s columns here at Insane Guitar (Or tune in next month, as I delve into the solo’s of Vai and Rhoads). Hope the new year is good to each of you.