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Untitled from January 2001 (Impellitteri Licks)

Happy New Years shredders. Hope ya guys had a good x-mas and all. Well we’re gonna get into a couple of kewl Impellitteri solos to get u guys shredded your @$$es off this month. Hope ya’ll enjoy em and try em out. First off here’s a solo that i actually just learned recently. It’s a lot of fun and a lil’ bit of a challenge… well it was to me at least. Anyways, it’s Father Forgive Them. Yes I realized also… Chris Impellitteri owns us all pretty much, one of my favorite players. Well, here goes…


Whew! Ok.. i’m sweatin’ balls over here. But we’re not done yet of course. Next up is part of the Hold The Line solo. This one is quite a beast as well… lots of fun tapping and string skipping antics.


YEEHAW! Man I love that stuff… hope u guys can handle all this madness. Cuz we’re going to some more insanity. Well actually we’re gonna calm it down a little. This here is Countdown To The Revolution. A bit easier than the last two you could say but still pretty kewl. Check it out.


Well that’s it for this month. Hope u guys enjoyed the column and have fun with all of these solos. They should keep u busy for a lil’ while at least. Keep shredding. Laterz.