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Arpeggios from Space

Hi there to all you Insane Guitar Players. In this, my first column, I want to share with you some Arpeggio patterns that are a little unusuals to see around, but I might that as good as how far you want to take your guitar. Surely some of you already know some arpeggios that are very common, but if you don’t, look at this classic “crossroads” Am arpeggio:


O.k., Sounds cool, and what if we do some changes there and:


Pfuu!!!, Magic!!! Here I try to avoid to repeat the root note. And if you want more, take this, after ascending your arpeggio you can go down in other way, and you could get something like this strange stuff:


This will require to warm up if you don’t want to hurt yourself, O.k.? Then try to find more possibilities to give lots of colors to your arpeggios. Try the most comfortable fingering you can, remember, there’s no rules in music. That’s all by now, ya have a lot work to do, I hope you enjoy it, take care and keep workin’, Bye.


Something About Me: I started to play guitar since 13, while listening Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. At 16 I was playing in a Top 40 band named “Riddle”, 2 years later I was playing Helloween, Stratovarius, Edguy, etc.. Now I’m playing and composing with my prog band “Famelica Carcoma” (we don’t have nothing recorded yet, but soon you’ll be the first to know).