InsaneGuitar.com™ was created in January of the year 2000 by guitarist Joel Wanasek. Over the years Insane Guitar has grown from a small site featuring a few master classes to a website that has brought thousands of people from across the world together into a giant community of guitar instruction. Insane Guitar has served over a half a million guitarists in more than 130 different countries worldwide in its existence.

Mission Statement

InsaneGuitar.com™ is dedicated to providing a high quality, free instructional website that facilitates a sense of community and provides a place for guitar and bass players of all levels to exchange information.

Vision Statement

To bring together guitar virtuosos to teach people of all skill levels how to master the instrument. To help guitarists better educate themselves to achieve their goals.

Recent Posts

Are my guitars covered by my Florida home insurance?

Insuring your guitars is definitely important. Mostly because it can be one of the most valuable possessions someone owns. Let’s be real though, have you ever seen a musician that owns just one guitar? More guitars equal more coverage. It is crucial that your instruments are completely covered with Florida home insurance. If you have […]

The Harmonic Minor Scale

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first column here on insane guitar. My name is Brian Koenig, and I am an aficionado of metal/shred guitar. One of my favorite players (and founders) of this genre is a Swedish guitarist named Yngwie Malmsteen. While there are many facets of his style, a predominant characteristic of his […]

How To Play Kick Ass Guitar Licks Quickly And Easily – Part 1

Wish you could play killer guitar licks every time you pick up your guitar? The truth is many guitar players think that great guitar licks are made by playing specific notes or scales. However, this usually not the case. As you will find out in this article (and video), the key to playing killer guitar […]

How To Gain A Lot Of Motivation For Guitar Practice

Have you been experiencing a lack of motivation in your guitar practice? Are you unsure about what and how to practice? Do you wish you could practice guitar effectively and get better results? If so, you are not alone. It take most guitar players many years before they learn how to practice guitar in a […]

Modal mayhem pt. 1 – Lydian Dreams

Hey again. This month, I’m starting a new series of columns focused on the modes – ‘hands on’ approaches to playing around with those tonal gizmo thingamajigs… um… so what are modes, exactly? Well if you don’t know, it’s not too hard to understand if you’ve got basic scale knowledge. As we should know, a […]