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Untitled From November 2000 (Pentatonics)

hey yall whats up this is Vin with a new lesson to spice up those old boring pentatonic licks.

First to make things simple im going to breakdown the standard five pentatonic boxes….we’ll keep this is the key of B. Ohh by the way this is for the seven string shredders!!!!






OHHH k….. now that we are done with that we can get to the point of the lesson and that is “three note per string pentatonics” if you haven’ t seen this stuff b4 then this is a good way to add to your playing with using scales you’ve played forever ..pentatonix..


you can see here that we took the first 2 boxes of the pentatonic scales….by combining these two shapes you turn the bluesy pentatonic scale into a wide intervallic sounding scale which in turn creates what???? CRAZY PYCHOTIC LICKS!!!!!!..so all you have to do is take the first shape and connect it with the second shape and then the second shape with the third and so on …etc…… and there u have it , a whole new world of licks to explore. Here is an example of how to put the 3 note per string pentatonic to use.



this lick is using all hammer onz and it also involves economy picking……there are only four note pick in the entire lick and there are all down strokes the note that are picked are the B on the 7th string , the E on the 5th string, the E on the 3rd string and the E on the 1st string… well neways this is a good start for yall shredders out there that haven’t yet explored 3 note per string pentatonix.. well im singin off from down under here in TEXAS.. im currently in a band” element kae” and we are in the process of gettin our website up and our cd out … and im in the middle of writing my lesson book “lickz from Uranus” for any inquires email me at limpiovin@aol.com peace!!

Vin Abadie

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