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The Incredible Musician

It is probably safe to assume that you can not only play the guitar on some level but that you are able to express yourself musically in a way that gives you a certain degree of pleasure.

As an accomplished musician/guitarist, I believe in having something to show for all my hard work and effort not only in learning to play the guitar, in the first place, but for making it a lifelong passion.  The first step in this process is recording your music so that you cannot only derive pleasure from it yourself but you can share it with others.  Whether it is a full-length CD or a three-song demo, the importance of releasing your very own music will give you pleasure, credibility, recognition, and self-confidence.

Though there are many ways to begin to build your credibility, I firmly believe that the first, and most important, step for any musician is through his or her musical release in the public forum.  People need to be able to access your talent through your product.  The purchase of your CD will help you make money, true, but the most important thing it will do for you is that you will begin to gain recognition.  With recognition comes credibility.  There are many internet sites out there that can help you distribute your CD and get your name out in the world.  As your name becomes known, you will gain confidence and respect from your peers and audience as well.  In my own personal experience, I have found that the more my credibility as an artist grows, the more musicians want to work with me and share their ideas and skills.  This mutual sharing enhances my own creativity and performance.  An added bonus has been receiving numerous endorsements.  With every release, with every outreach into the community of those who love music, I have seen my song writing and overall skills keep growing and improving beyond my wildest dreams.

The next step in gaining and growing credibility as an artist is live performance.  I know you may have cold feet.  I know your palms will sweat with the thought of making a mistake.  I know that the thought of the spotlight will make your knees weak.  However, there is absolutely no replacement for taking the chance to get out on that stage and doing your thing!  You will surprise even yourself with the courage to take a chance, and to succeed!  You will meet the public, fellow musicians, club owners, and everyone you meet will leave you with some impression of the appreciation for you and your music.  Now new opportunities will come to blossom in a way you never could have believed possible.  And, best of all, it will be from your talent, your sacrifice, your skill, and your new self-confidence.

The music business can be an unforgiving mistress.  However, the one musician who dares to take a chance to be successful will achieve every goal musically that he or she sets.  The very best part of this scenario of the credible musician is that he becomes incredible.  Recognition, money, stardom can always happen, if the Gods are good, but no matter how high or low your star rises, the self-respect you have gained will never go away but sustain you forever.

Copyright 2006 Riff Sorce All Rights Reserved


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