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Untitled From April 2001 (Tapping Arpeggios)

Hello….. my name is Rico Mancini, it’s a great honor for me to be asked to write a column for Joel Wanasek’s “INSANE GUITAR”.ThanksJoel.;0) And if you’re wondering, “who the hell is this guy” please feel free to visit RRANGEL.COM and download some of my full-length mp3’s.

What are the most impressive things a guitar player can do? For some this could be a great many things…like playing your guitar with a thimble like Ron Thal, Or with a spoon like Jere Haakana. For me it’s always been the arpeggio. Ever since I heard Yngwie Malmsteen when he first played in Alcatrazz I just had to learn how to play them. Well it’s been over twenty years and every body and their mother sweeps arpeggios now. It wasn’t till I heard Steve Vai, Tony Macalpine & Vinnie Moore that I started learning a technique By which you sweep an arpeggio and flow right into a hammered out line on the E string. And then of course flow it back “in time” to where you started. And then there’s Stanley Jordan, Who has the strength to hammer out everything he does without ever picking, and using no distortion. So lets combine the two…. Arpeggios and hammering & pulling off. No picking allowed! This is a highly advanced technique, and you wont be getting any quick thrills with out weeks or months of practice, especially from scratch. Two of my favorite “new” players that use this technique are (Mike Campese…GUITAR 9.COM) & Ron Thal… RON THAL.COM.

Lets start with a small lick that I like to use to warm up my two handed tapping. Those of you with a strong tapping technique may find this kinda on the simple side, Especially if you have high gain pickups. But it does lead to bigger and better things. The notes on the E string will be played with the second finger of the right hand, And the first and fourth of the left. The notes on the B string will be played with the first and third of the left hand. I like to use a capital “H” for “HAMMER” instead of “T” for “TAP”becouse that’s Really what you need to be doing in order to sound fluent. “P” is for “PULL.” This is a basic E minor pent.


Alright! Lets add some notes to this technique. The E and the B string will have the same fingering as the above example. The G and D string use the second and third of the left hand. This is based on E 7.


Lets add more! This is played the same as the above example, The three lowest notes on the D, A, &E strings are played with the First, second and third fingers of the left hand. Again E7.


The only note played with the second finger right hand on this one is the very first and highest note. Everything else must be hammered out Stanley Jordan style. Left hand fingering order here would be starting from the second note:4,1,3,2,1,2,3. E Major.


And last but not least, Ill leave you with the most difficult. Try to figure out the fingering on this one. A minor.


Remember to keep it in time no matter what tempo/speed your playing at. And slam those hammered notes with conviction. The firmer and slower you practice these techniques, The more fluent they will sound when you lighten up And play fast.

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