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Final Fantasy 3 Riff

Howdy kids!
Joel was kind enough to let me do a quick lesson for Insane Guitar.com. This example is from Final Fantasy 3 for Super Nintendo. But never mind that, it sounds totally metal– similar to the chromatic riff in "Master of Puppets." This lesson will work wonders for your palm-muting technique and for the weak fingers in your left hand. Besides that, it has to be one of the heaviest riffs I’ve ever heard. I’ve included a sound clip so you can hear how it’s supposed to sound.

To correctly play the riff, stay in 1st position for the first section. Not only is the most efficient, it also works the weak fingers in your left hand. Play the first note, B, with your middle finger. You’ll have to roll your ring finger to play the notes on the 3rd fret. Don’t forget to use palm-muting to; emphasize the accented notes and generally to make it sound heavier. The syncopation is strange but you can refer to the mp3 to get the idea.


For the last 3 or 4 bars you can move up to 2nd position. This is a rhythm chops workout, especially for the weak fingers. Have fun and email me with comments.


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