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Tapping Soloing

Hi there this is my first “post” in this wonderful site.

I’m a bass player so these exercises are obviously written for bass (4 string in my case).

This one should focus the art of “inputting” our technique in a band, in this case Tapping. If you are wasting your time reading this, I’m sure you like to spend hours playing over and over tapped arpeggios exercises (Kyle Honea anyone? J ), and other tapping techniques.

Not too often you listen to bass tapping solos and licks in a band (I’m not talking about Racer X, Sheehan, Wooten, Dream Theater, etc.), but I guess all of you would love to hear more of that.

In the following exercises you’ll experiment some easy (when played slowly) tapping exercises that, hopefully, should increase your bass tapping overview and ideas, and help you idealize some solos, grooves, melodies or harmonies for you to use in your bands / projects.

You’ll use tapping / pull offs / hammer ons / tapping slides / tapped diatonic harmonies (also named occasionally Stops)

In D major

  t        t        t          t        L4  t      t           t

Let ring the last note, then

 *t       *t       *t       *t       *t    t     L4  t       t

*Find your own the best finger position for each stop

The first part is a simple exercise. That L4 (pinky left finger) is to tap that note. Since you can’t hammer on (due to the string change).

Practice your Tapping slide, it’s a good improvement to a solo.

The second part is a harmonized tapping groove with that double pull offs (practice that, it’s easy)

Play with a metronome, start very slow and speed up gradually as you feel comfortable with it.

Listen to the exercise in midi format: LISTEN

Keep practicing, I DO, and I’d like to quote Mr. Kyle Honea : “It’s not the amount of years you’ve played, It’s the amount of hours each day that matter “

Feel free to contact me at arkan@netcabo.pt

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