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Melodic Rhythm Guitar

Hello kids,

I’ve decided to figure out exactly what direction I want to go in with this column, instead of jumping around from topic to topic. I’m going to some time working on melodic rhythm guitar. There will be more on choral movement and melody making in the rhythm section and a bit less on how to thrash it up, because I’ve covered about everything with that. Although, there’s always time to thrash!!!

This month’s column is based on a cool riff idea using doubles on each note. They are to be picked alternately, but if you want more down picking practice, be my guest.

Example 1 is an scending C major scale played in thirds


Example 2 is a descending C major scale played in thirds


Examples 3 and 4 are a little more complicated but once you figure out the first two, should come along quite easily.



I know that this is a short column, but I just want to give you guys these ideas for riffs and have you jam on them and experiment with them, that way you can be more artistic and have some more control. Anyway, I’ve got some great lessons coming up




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