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Bring on the Pain pt. 4

Hey hey. welcome back. This month we’re going to continue talking about ‘gallop’ rhythms.

The first example is a fun little one, it has earned the name "Burn" for obvious reasons. The tempo is at about 178. Note the picking
patterns, all downs except the second 16th note. The whole riff is palm muted also.

Examples 2 and 3 are both two cool gallop riffs that I wrote awhile back. Ex. 2 uses the gallop and reverse gallop, interchanging those
two make for odd feel grooves. Great to slow down and do a heavy power groove! Ex. 3 alternates between straight 8th and a gallop,
by changing the times that each beat is play a almost odd time feel can be achieved.

Well that’s all for now, Up the horns!

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