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Tapping Arpeggios Pt. 3

Hello all! Season’s greetings. My living room resembles a postcard. Christmas stuff everywhere, guests dropping by, leaves to rake, and in the midst of all this, arpeggios to develop! The number 4 is the number we will focus on. We will attempt to tune out our holiday distractions, and slowly work on a new idea for bass. Here we will take 2 arpeggio’s and move them up and down in a pattern of 4.

A7 (Ascending/Descending in 4’s)

     T1 T2    T1 T2   T2     T1 T2 T1

 T1     T2   T2 T1

D7 (Ascending/Descending in 4’s)

       T1 T2     T1 T2    T2    T1 T2 T1

 T1       T2    T2 T1

Remember, none of these notes are picked! They are all hammer-ons, pull-offs, and taps. Not to paint too much of a romantic picture, but this exercise is great to work on when your snowed in, or if you are hiding from the sun. It takes a while, but if you separate the exercise and learn it, each piece at a time, you will connect the dots effectively. Also, as I said in my last column, listen to the quality of music. In my next lesson, we will deviate from this arpeggio quest and aim our sights in another direction.


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