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Tapping Arpeggios Pt. 2

Hello, and welcome to my column. I think most guitarists who are interested in technique, own at least a couple of instructional videos. I was watching one of my old copies the other day. Paul Gilbert’s second video. He was doing this string skipping arpeggio sequence that gave me an idea. I thought to create a string skipping sequence sounding lick of my own. Here it is for you to learn.

A Major Arpeggio (String skipping sequence)

        T2            T2 T1       T1 T2

Major Arpeggio (String skipping sequence)

          T2                T2 T1          T1 T2

Remember to start slowly and isolate each note. Try to practice everyday and staymotivated. Listen to great music i.e. Paganini, Bach (harpsichord concertos), Racer X, Gilbert, Malmsteen, ect… Whatever motivates you, listen to it! Subconsciously you absorb a percentage of your musical intake and the better you listen, the better you play!


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