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Tapping Arpeggios

I think most bassists who have a healthy interest in technique for techniques’ sake, have observed players like Billy Sheehan, Stuart Hamm, and Victor Wooten employ a tapping technique that attempts to emulate a guitarist sweep picking technique. Let history stand correct…the late Wally Voss (R.I.P.) invented that technique. However, I too started playing those little 4-note arpeggios and after a while, I (deciding to expand on this tapping arpeggio business) started searching for new ways to play them. After experimenting with a few new ideas, I stumbled upon the following. Now I present you with the coolest way to play arpeggios on the electric bass!

Remember,if you haven’t bought a metronome yet, BUY ONE! Practice VERY SLOWLY with one!Concentrate on pegging each note individually. None of these notes should ringtogether. Keep them separate. I hope you gain some knowledge from this column.Feel free to contact me via email:


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