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Sure Ways to Make it Big

time for words…I would like to take the time this month to speak to you all on a word to word basis. Like other bassists who write columns, sometimes there is a need to kick back and shoot the proverbial shit. So I will begin shooting. I’ve been trying to finish the recording of my 3rd bass oriented cd. It seems with all the activities of each day, my nights are reserved for practicing & recording. Lately the nights have grown a little too late! My production had dwindled noticeably. creativity at an all time low. But, I’ve realized that if I’m going to release a new cd and ship it around the world(again),it better be a good one. something I’m happy with. Something with a personal touch at least. So I set out trying to create recording environments that elevate performance and creativity. Let’s see, where have I ended up recording so far? my mother in law’s, the garage, and my kitchen table. It seems to me that convenience is the cure. It doesn’t have to be an exotic location or a certain time of year or month for me (personally), it just has to be convenient timing. It helps to write and record when you are rested and not driven by hunger or other earthly desires… a kind of thought-free, zoned-out approach. Although distractions often prove very beneficial to my recording process, I would say for the most part, avoid them too! Always try and watch a healthy amount of really shitty horror movies (circa mid 70’s through late 80’s only) while practicing. It’s there in the bad acting, all or most of my music comes from doing this for years. Go rent or by the crappiest bunch of horror flicks from that era and practice or do trills throughout your viewing and you will have mastered your instrument. Trust me. DIS-CI-PLINE!! "Man, there’s no time like right now"<wheeler Well, thank you for reading, and get ready for next month’s lesson.. It’ll be one to work on.

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