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Pentatonic Modes

Hello and welcome to 2002!! In my last column, I stated that my next would be a departure from arpeggios and….. it is. I want to give you a really good foundation for improvising or finding the right notes to use on fills. I’ve written down the pentatonic modes for bass in the key of E. E being the very first note played of the very first mode. Of course, you can play all these modes in all keys. 2 notes per string and 5 modes total. These are good modes to know, because if you are a beginner, or an advanced player, they form the skeleton or foundation for improvising fills if you are in a major key. The notes are all picked, and the tab is ascending. But, I’m sure you’ll find your way back down!






You keep practicing those arpeggios also! But, take the time to learn these modes. Put em’ in your back pocted. See ya’


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