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Common Ground

G’day guys, my name’s Kyle and I live on the South Coast of Australia. I’ve been playing guitar for nearly three years now, and thanks to my brother and some other muso’s in my area, I discovered instrumental rock (Satriani) and then moved on to more hardcore shred/prog. metal. I guess you’ve noticed that I’m kinda new to IG, and although I’ve been coming to this site regularly since I discovered shred, this is my first go at doing a column. So, you’ve checked out Francesco’s sweeps, Rusty’s picking, and Joel’s philosophical wisdom for the guitar. What do you want to do now? that’s right, you want to put it all together.

I have a question.

Do you have licks like this?

Or this?

Or maybe this?

Well, how can you put them together to make a solo that is

1. interesting

2. shows off your insane shredding skills

3. fits the song

Well, for the third point, I guess it’s a matter of personal taste, if you like what your solo sounds like go with, but for the moment we’re in D (natural) minor

So if you have a tape recorder, or even just a mic on your computer, just try jammin’ with this over different chords in D Minor and see what sounds the best to you…

Right, so now you’ve had a chance to look at the three licks and got them under your fingers. Lets take those first three licks and see what we can do with them. They sound good by themselves, but, string em’ together like this

you have a solo (well at least part of a solo, depends on how long you want it to go for).

Now, the licks by themselves each end on ‘D’, which makes them sound finished, this is fine when you use licks like these by themselves as ‘fills’ or lead-ins but in a solo we want a nice flow, so we try to find notes in common within each lick other than the root note, and we make these notes the changing point between licks (eg. bar 2: the common ‘A’ at the 10th fret on the 2nd string). By finding these notes in common we can run almost any lick into one another.

If you like this lesson, or want to have a chat, I’d love some feedback on what you think, and what I might do next (if Joel doesn’t tell me to bugger off) so email me at Neo_shredder@hotmail.com (yeah I know its corny but I’ve had it since I was 14 lol)

Also keep a look out for my demo CD which I will hopefully have finished within a couple of months.

So yeah I hope you have fun with this and I’ll see you soon.

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