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Pentatonic Pandemonium

Greetings Fellow Axe men and women! Warm up your weapons and join me while I cover a few simple runs from my song "Smile". These are just a few of the connecting passages that I thought might be a little fun to run through. So in preparation I guess you’ll need to download "Smile" from my page. Here’s the quick link http://www.mp3.com/JohnFiore
Go ahead I’ll wait here………..

Ok now you might also want to have a fresh pot of coffee, or a six-pack of Mountain Dew handy just to get you motivated for these runs. The coffee usually does the trick for me.

Okay, let’s get started. This first passage is a simple blues run using two back-to-back pentatonic major scales. F#, and D, followed by a single string triplet run.

The passage occurs at second 50 on the song timer.

I start with a down stroke on the high A and alternate the picking, which leaves me at the up stroke for the last descending note of the scale. F# (fret14 on the low E). Then without pausing, I continue back up the run, starting on a down stroke. The last note of the ascending run is actually a bend from A to B (fret #17 to 19 on the high E)

(Bend 17b19)

Measure 2 and 3

It’s a little tricky here trying to get to the next run.

End of the first scale Same scale pattern with root of D. (bend 13b15)

Measure 4 and 5

This is the triplet run. All on the G string. It’s kind of quick for me, but I know a lot of you kick ass players see it as slow motion!

Measure 6 and 7

Cruising out of the interlude. Once again, my editor doesn’t allow me to show the slides and bends, but the notation and the recording should covey the essence of the run.

Here’s the second passage. It occurs at second 117 on the song timer.

This interlude consists of 3 cascaded descending pentatonic runs, followed by a pretty mean triplet dance down the G string. You have to be quick here since there’s no pause between runs. I always tend to write stuff that’s too hard for me to play. Forces me to work harder.

Measures 3 & 4

This is a triplet run on the G-string. I use alternate picking all the way down the neck.

Ok this is where the coffee comes in. You actually have only a few milliseconds to get into position for the triplet run after you’ve completed the last C scale.

Gotta get here in a real hurry.

Well that’s about all I have to offer for today. Hope I kept you entertained. Work on the execution, and timing of these runs. Someday it might come in handy.

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