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Modal Music Made Easy

Hi, my name is John Delcalzo and I am a 17-year old player from Alliance, Ohio. Some of my influences are Michael Angelo, Nightwish, Therion, and Stratovarius. For my first column at insane guitar I will cover the eight-finger tapping technique. This column is geared toward players who already have the basics of finger tapping mastered, so before attempting the examples below make sure you can play a couple of basic tapping licks. I have included audio for the first two examples. If you have any questions or comments I can be reached at johndelcalzo@hotmail.com

Example 1 is just to demonstrate the fast, fluid sound that can be achieved with multi-fingered tapping. I recorded my warm-up where I just played some scale runs and basic tapping ideas.


Example 2 is an eight-fingered run across the neck. Long, flowing legato licks like this one are easy to play with eight-finger tapping and have a very fluid sound.


Example 3 is a slightly easier run that uses four fingers and then eight at the end.

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