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Untitled from October 2000 (Sweeping Licks)

What up everyone? In this article, we are going to have some fun with sweeping.

Our first example is taken from Yngwie Malmsteen’s “Black Star.” In the beginning of the song, Yngwie employs sweeps as grace notes which really flavors his intro solo. If you have never heard this song…….well all I can say without insulting you is that you had better go BUY “RISING FORCE” right now!!!

b 1/2

Here is another really cool arpeggio. Take a diminished arpeggio and run the fret board. This is what you get.


Ever take an arpeggio and play it vertically? Get outta that damn box! Here is how:

*Note: the fingerings and shifts are written below*

 1 4/1 1 4/ 1/3 2 1  4  t1  4  1 2 3 /1 2  4

Well folks, that is all for this month. Enjoy!

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