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Pick up Lines

h there are so many ways to use the word pick. Pick up lines for chicks. Picking your nose. Ice pick for them cold winters. Pick axe for digging. Pick pocketing for when your broke (no I do not in anyway advocate this action!). Let us not forget driving pickup trucks. Well take all them ideas and scrap them. All were going to be doing this month is picking strings. This lesson is going to cover alternate picking in the style of me (due to popular demand). So, the question I get asked a lot is: What kinda picking patterns do I do in songs like “Fortress of the Titans?”

Before we get into this lesson, you can watch a video of me playing it many years ago when I was a kid on youtube. (Please not my crazy sense of humor, this was done intentionally for some laughs). This way you can see exactly what I’m doing as well as hear it.

This first run can be heard at approximately 1:03 on the Video. I improvise this run. But, here is an idea of what I happen to be doing. Now remember, be loose and use economy motion!

Not that hard at all. Just break that bad boy down into sections and boom. Easy. The next lick I’m going to take you through is the second melody part over the main riff in “Fortress of the Titans.” Now, once again I do some improvising, but it is along the lines of this.

Here is another really cool picking lick. This is from my solo in “Forever Night” by my old band Dark Shift off “The Assault.” This is a whole tone scale lick.

Ok one more lick for ya. This is from the last few bars of the same solo. It involves some string skipping and
starts off with a few sweeps. This lick is all diminished stuff. Make sure you shift positions really quick or else a lick like this will get sloppy fast!!!! Enjoy.

Well I hope that I gave you some incite on a few of my favorite style picking licks. Hopefully, this answers some of the emails that I’ve received asking about my picking style. And NO, I am not going to tab out “Fortress of the Titans” (It is now available in our tabs section) until I’m done recording my CD in a few months… so please stop asking me!!!

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