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Pentatonic Walloping pt. 2

This month I’m coming right back at you with another dose of pentatonic fury. We are going to really get into some WILD stuff this time, since I know that my lesson last month probably put you all to sleep with its simplicity. Let’s up the ante. Be that way!! (Ya know, it is getting hard to keep coming up with all these wild and crazy licks every month!) Try this bad boy! The trick here is to isolate the crossings and practice them slowly until your comfortable with it. Then, burn like there is no tomorrow.

I can see the smoke on your fingers over here after that beast! Still too easy? OK ok ok ok…. What about this one? The trick here is nailing the shift and only using your 1st and 4th finger. then when you come back up, hit the 14 12 14 sections with your 1st and 3rd finger. Madness I tell you! Madness.

Yes, that lick can be a pain in the rear. It’s that damn shift isn’t it that stumbled you up, right? But, when you crank that lick up to speed, it sure does sound seriously rippin’! This next lick is a much easier, but has a tight sound to it once you get it going. It has an interesting fingering. Finger the 12 15 with your 1st and 3rd finger then hit that 17 with your fourth finger. Once you get this lick up to speed it sounds 1-800-Bad Ass!

Let’s try something a little crazy. This is going to be more fun than drinking a whole case of beer. So, what are we waiting for, lets get to it. Be Afraid!

If this lick doesn’t keep you up all night practicing, then nothing will. This is one of the damn finest sounding licks when played super fast. I hope you guys enjoyed this installment (and my sick sense of humor hahah!!!!). See you guys all next time. Peace out.

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