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Pentatonic Walloping

Fellow fast fingered fretters. This month, due to popular demand, I’m going to stop writing editorials on how to behave (aw come on, you enjoyed it!) and teach you guys how to kick some serious pentatonic ass! Today we are going to take pentatonic scales and do all sorts of fun things with them. Pentatonics are cool!….”BULL” you say?! Well,think again! It’s time to forget your Kirk Hammet licks (yes, I actually do love Kirk’s playing so, no offense to him!), because we are going to actually do some damage with this scale! Imagine that?! What a concept. To those of you who listen to Shawn Lane or Eric Johnson, you will see that I have derived many of my ideas here from there usage of the pentatonic scale. Listening to a lot of Lane and Johnson myself, I got some ideas that I’d like to share.

What happens when you combine a pentatonic scale with string skipping, alternate picking, and a pedal point? A 3 legged man in an ass kicking competition? Pretty close. his is one of my favorite licks of all time.

Practice this bad boy slow. Getting that high c note clean is hard. Isolate the string skipping. Practice hard and it will come to you.

Moving on, lets dig into a nice pattern that will help us move through out this scale. Have a look at this passage.

I don’t know about you, but I love the way that lick sounds. Lets up the ante some more. The next lick is all about string skipping pentatonics. This lick is a favorite of mine, you shall see why soon. So lets get down and dirty. On the execution of the string skip, pay extra careful attention to make sure you get it clean. These licks can get sloppy FAST if you aren’t careful!!

Take your time perfecting the string skip on that one. This pattern is about to come into play on this next lick. Remember, SLOW before fast. These pentatonic patterns can have some extremely difficult picking patterns. This next pattern can be quite a beast. So I suggest breaking it into sections and then putting it together. Now, let’s try this next monster.

Well, unfortunately, this is all I have time for this month. I’ll check back up with you all next month. If you have any requests just email me or post it in the forum. Peace out my friends.

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