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Moving Triads pt. 2

The last column was an introduction on moving triads over a single bass note and vice versa. In this column I’d like to share a great exercise in learning triads all over the neck in every key. I hope everyone has all the major scales memorized as this is something that is as basic as knowing the names of the strings. Also knowing the circle of 4ths and 5ths is a must. In case you’re not familiar with how a major chord is made let’s take a look.

A major scale is made up of whole and half steps in this order: WWHWWWH or another way is 2212221 the # of half steps. A major chord is made from the first, third and fifth note of the scale or 1,3,5. The intervals are a major third between the first and third, and a minor third between the third and fifth. In this exercise the strings are broken into 4 groups called string sets. The first 3 strings starting with the high E ,B,Gis string set #1. The second set is B,G,D. The third set is G,D,A and the fourth is D,A,E. On each string set there are 3 different triad shapes that are used and are really just inversions of each chord.

First learn all the shapes and know where the first, third and fifth are located in every triad. In the examples I played major triads using the circle of 4ths but the circle of 5ths works just as well. I started with the lowest possible F maj triad on the first string set and then moved up the neck with each triad being a different inversion.(An inversion is simply changing the order of the notes in a chord. Root position is 1,3,5first inv. Is 3,5,1 and 2nd inversion is 5,1,3. Really only the root note matters as far as what the inversion is, the other two can be in any order. ) Once you play the first three triads in Ex.1 you’ll see that the shapes will repeat themselves. In order to learn the triad shapes faster I suggest you write out each one for every string set resulting in a total of 12 triad shapes. Start practicing these slowly and use a metronome. Say the name of each new key as you play the chord and be thinking of the next key ahead of time. If you get this mastered don’t worry because you can change those major triads to minor, augmented, diminished ,sus2 and sus4!! This exercise will help in understanding chords and being able to play any chord in any place on the neck. Have fun!

ya next month!

Jeff Wilde

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