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Cool Clean Chords

One of my favorite things to play on guitar are clean chords with some ringing open strings and a little chorus and reverb/delay. There really are a ton of chords you can come up with by just experimenting and learning what sounds good to you. In the following examples I started by using a progression in D minor and just changed a few notes here and there to get some cool voicings. If you compare these with playing the standard barre chords Dm C B flat you’ll hear a world of difference.







The last two examples are in the key of B minor. Most of these chords have many different names that could be used so I went with what seemed right to the key. I played each ex. using all right hand fingers and pulling on the strings as some jazz players do when comping. Try strumming with a pick or use other finger picking patterns to make things into your own. So turn off the distortion and listen to how great a good clean tone along with some awesome chords can sound. Sayonara!

Jeff Wilde

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  1. Ronnie says:

    [Read other comment first]And why not do the same thing in the soecnd section?With the F#m as a barre on 2nd (2xx22x), the C# as a barre on 1st (1xx12x), The A7 as 0xx02x, the F#7 as a barre on 2nd (2x23xx which allows for the melody to come through > 2x23xx [x2] > 2x24xx > 2x2x2x), and the Bm7 as 2xx23x (so you only have to shorten the barre off the E string to let that play the bass in the Esus4 that comes afterwards)?

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