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Expanding Your Shapes

Hi there! I am an human from Sweden and here are some many fingered tapping stuff for you. These 2 licks are great exercises for your legato playing, for both hands. Practice them slow if you are new to these things and be very careful because there are some very wide stretches for your left hand. Even if you don’t like this kind of technical stuff practice it because it gives you great stamina in your hands!! This kind of licks can also be great ways of building tension when used at right moment you know.

Hmhmmmm many players that play metal or shred oriented music have a tendency of always fall in to ruts and use the same patterns shapes or licks, and when they learn new scales/modes they go just like they did with the old one same shapes and patterns but with different tones. One idea is to go much deeper in the things that you already know. In the FANTASYMOVIE lick I just use Am D and Em but I expand them, and using 2 shapes at the same time use you imagination

If you have too much bad noises of open strings etc when you tap with your right hand try using a string dampener or an old sock:)

The MYSTICALBEE lick uses a lot of different techniques but the ideas behind the lick are fairly simple.

Both the licks are written with only 32th notes I don’t play them like that, but its a good way of practicing technique. Make the licks your own, take ideas, learn them note for note or forget
this shred sh*t:)

If have any comments or want any lessons just mail me at:


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