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Shred on the Edge pt.2

Hello to all of you. With these exercises, I’ll be very glad to give you some ideas on how to improve your guitar technique and to feel more at ease when you play a fast sequence. These examples start from simple ideas to arrive to more intricate parts… but as all of you know, it takes time to have
great technique as Greg Howe, Shawn Lane or Richie Kotzen. This comes slowly and with a lot of practice. I really hope you’ll enjoy this kind of course of shred guitar playing and for any questions please email me.

The first exercise shows how to combine the alternate picking and the string skipping in a pattern. Try to repeat every pattern two times with clean tone and when you are sure that it sounds really clear turn on your distortion and it sounds really cool.

This second one, can be played with continue alternate picking or with legato. Try with these two techniques to improve them during string skipping. Play it slowly with a slow tempo, and when it sounds clear…speed it up! I usually play all my exercises with clean tone and when I’m sure I’m playing correctly I put distortion, in fact if you download some exercises with mp3 from my site you can see that. Anyway it is only an advice to you.

This last one is an alternate picking and sweep-picking exercises. It is a simple arpeggio on 3 strings and a very simple on 6 strings because it is the same position of the chord B minor. All the exercise is a B minor sequence but it is played in other positions you want.

I hope you enjoyed this second lesson and remember… enjoy what you play!

Take a look to the Francesco Fareri – Official Site for monthly exercises, transcription (Greg Howe, George Bellas, Vitalij Kuprij, Jason Becker), audio files and above all for his first instrumental shred album called Suspension involved with progressive and neoclassical music.

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