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Scales & Arpeggios for Rock/Fusion Jams pt.2

Hi, dudes, here it comes the second part of our journey inside the jam experience. This time we well explore different sounds with patterns and scales I usually play hoping to be useful for your practicing. ( From 1 to 4 measure) I started this example in a classical way, rocking on a pentatonic scale in C#m, and using the tapping technique for tap the same notes an octave higher. ( From 5 to 7) I ended with a string skipping phrase that I usually play with the chicken picking technique playing the far strings with my middle finger. From measure number 8 I Play an ascending Hirosh scale and a descending Hindu scale. The sound of these two scales gives to track an enigmatic sound that is the opposite of the usually ” happy sound” of rock fusion tracks. At measure number 12 I play an ascending melodic minor scale ending with a sweep arpeggio which is C#. ( from measure number 19) A fast sweep arpeggio sequences with a F# first sweeping motion, AMj second sweeping motion and C# third sweeping motion. repeated twice, and ending with a Debussy scale which is a whole tone scale made of six tones played in a 1-2-3, 2-3-4- 3-4-5 sequence. In the last part of the example I mixed different scales and techniques, I started with a descending C#7add4 then I played an “octave” pattern: that is two same notes of different octaves played using the chicken picking technique for the note higher and moving along the neck with legato to create a smooth modulation. The last two measures contain a chromatic sequence made of four alternated notes, and repeating the sequence one fret over like it was a scale. That’s all for now.

Download the “Tab Edit” file
(If you don’t have tab edit, get it here)

This is just a warm up example were find some of the most used heavy metal techniques ( alternate picking, sweep picking, chicken picking and

string skipping). It is a good example on how moving on the fret board using different techniques.

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