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Pivot Playing

Hi guys, this month we will explore the weird world of pivot playing. What is a pivot note? Simple, it is just a note of the scale used as pedal during the playing. We can find good examples of this technique, since the days of Bach or Vivaldi, and go on at the present day with tons of g-players that have adopted this. The benefits of this technique are unique. You can totally change the sound of a scale or create different sound modulations. In the example of this month I tried to play the pivot note technique in different ways. The common way with open strings and with triads. I usually play this kind of triads picking the firs note (the pivot) and slap the second one with my middle finger and pull off the third, you can practice in the way you prefer. that’s all for now.

Download the “Tab Edit” file
(If you don’t have tab edit, get it here)

This is just a warm up example were find some of the most used heavy metal techniques ( alternate picking, sweep picking, chicken picking and

string skipping). It is a good example on how moving on the fret board using different techniques.

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