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The Hidden Costs of a Cheap Graphic Designer

As a musician, you know that having an album is crucial if you want to be perceived as a professional musician. In order to be sought after for your music, graphic design plays a critical role. Tons of musicians complain and say “How much do i HAVE to pay for cd design?” They will probably seek a cheap option hoping that it will work, but most often it backfires on them.

With that said, let’s take a better look into some of the issues of cheap design…

The Problem of Cheap Graphic Design

Cheap graphic designers seem to be everywhere. Everyone seems to know at least one or two people that claim to do graphic design and are willing to do it for you rIdiculously cheap. While we are all are allured with the small initial price of these cheap designers, let’s investigate the reasons that these designers can be so cheap. Many of these designers will not be able to give you with the important proficiency, experience, and artistic ability that you need in order to be viewed as professional. Often it will seem that you have images and text just thrown on a page–not the creative work that fills a canvas that the pro designer can provide. Through any one of a thousand ways, this cheap graphic design can undermine your ability to drive people to your music. You are also forfeiting the chance to powerfully attract listeners, but most importantly through cheap design you forfeit being viewed as a professional.

Let’s examine a few of the great risks inherent in choosing cheap graphic design. After all the deliberate work you’ve put into your music, are you willing to risk your reputation as a professional? Is saving some change now worth the risk of blowing your initial impression with that radio station, A&R rep, or booking agent? Don’t let your music rot away without ever really being appreciated. The quality of your design is the number one motivator in getting people to listen.

Now that we’ve looked at the real cost of cheap design, let’s take a look at how your band can begin to get attention and drive people to your music. And this is through quality graphic design.

Professional Graphic Design

While most artists dread the prices of an independent design studio, these designers really provide much more affordable design services than you’d expect – specifically when you consider the price in the long term.

Professional cd designers know how to emphasize your uniqueness, the best ways to communicate with you, and specifically how to visually represent your music so that listeners are literally drawn to you. A professional cd designer will make a majorstriking difference in making you be perceived as a professional.

So, is it Worth the price?

Comparing the risks of cheap design with the powerful benefits of a professional designer, how much would YOU be willing to pay for great graphic design? At the chance of sounding repetitive, remember this is about more than just purchasing graphic design, it’s about investing in a powerful tool to make you treated as a professional.

How you answer the question of design worth is entirely dependent upon your understanding of this powerful tool and the strength of commitment to your music career. Hiring a great graphic designer that makes you memorable in the eyes of your target audience and lures them to listen and buy your music is more affordable than you’d imagine!

Now that you’re asking “Where the heck can I find a professional graphic designer?!” Read on, my friend…

Mindrock Reords is the record label for the new music industry. Begin driving people to your music at www.mindrockrecords.com.

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