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Who Needs Strings Anyways?

Hey-up dudes, Daz14 here. Since this is my first column at Insane Guitar, I thought I will show you something… Insane! Well I bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you!

Okey dokey, one of my most-favouritest-ever-ever techniques string
skipping. There are many ways to practice this, such as playing every other
string in a scale sequence for example… however my favorite (that
gets you to THINK) is limiting yourself to two or three strings, and
never deviating from them. This means that not only will you have to jump
strings in the 3-notes per string (or box-shape) scale but you will have
to endure death defying leaps up and down the fret board horizontally as
well as vertically. Like so (B Phrygian):

Example 1


Easy easy…

Here’s a tip, for the first half, root your thumb to the center back of
the neck as if you were going to play the B, C and D. Don’t move it…
it is an ‘anchor’ to your jumps. Secondly, alternate pick these for
cleanest best effect. Work at these VERY SLOWLY, and although the second
half seems fairly chaotic, it can be done worked to a nice speed, much to
the amuse of your audience (musical masturbation anyone ;o)

Ok, skipping one string leads to limited fun… how about this, then?
Basically, add some sweeping! This can add a lot of musicality to your
playing, especially when played slowly. This lick has fragments of B and
E minor arpeggios:

Example 2


Continuing this a step further, onto tapping and skipping, here is
another beast of a lick displayed by neo-classicist everywhere making good
use of the diminished scale. Stretch, goddamn you, STRETCH!!

Example 3



Finally, here is a whopper of a lick for those skipping monsters (what
an image, skipping monsters). I based this on a Paul Gilbert lick I saw
on one of his videos, and made my own version. This one definitely is
the hardest here but definitely is the coolest… some of you might have
seen this one on my website lesson, together with clips. Pick this one
perfectly, your diligence will be rewarded (if not in this life time,
in the next ;o)

www.d14andbleedingme.homestead.com/lesson1.html for ‘slow’ and ‘fast’

Example 4


|-------------------------  Agghhhhh!

That’s it from me, thanx for checking my column out, and see you next
time. Go to my website for info on me, my project and the dreaded
Player’s Profile page!



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