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Insane Arpeggios

Hello! Welcome to the first (and hopefully not the last) of my columns for INSANE GUITAR. Thanks to Joel for the great site as well as for having me on board with the already long list of great players! One of my favorite techniques is arpeggios-so thought I’d try and show a few of my "insane" ideas. Hopefully, you will find these ideas a little different from what you are normally use to seeing. Here goes!

Example 1 is the arpeggio from hell! It begins with essentially string skips out of the chords of GM (GM, Am, GM and CM) with added notes to give a full tonality (an 11th or 9th) as it descends into a pretty cool E minor sequenced string skip lick. All of this makes for one "monster" string skipping lick

Example 2 is an arpeggio I like a lot as it combines elements of the major arpeggio as well as it’s relative minor (in this case GM/Em). This ideas combines elements of string skipping, as well as sweep picking. Be sure to convert this lick into it’s minor version on your own for extra credit (Gm/E flat minor)!

Example 3 is a Gm7 arpeggio with a wide stretch and a little bit of sequencing added in. This one is shorter than the previous two, but still makes an impact!

Example 4 is what I’ll call a Dm7add9 arpeggio. For this one, we’re sweeping, but it is a little unusual for it’s added notes and slides.

That’s all for this installment! Hope to see everyone back here soon! In the mean time you can find out more about me, as well as my projects at DARINJMOORE.COM including my CHOPS FROM HELL instructional release, "Building a Shred arsenal".

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