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Slap Happy

This is a good slapping exercise. Basically, I’m only using the D and G strings. You can start out slow by slapping the D string 2 times and with your thumb and popping the G string 1 time with your index finger. It is triplets the whole way though. Gradually increase your speed. it is all in the wrist. Remember, your only slapping the D string and popping the G string the whole time.


This is an exercise by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You are only using the E and D string. Slap the E and pop the D string. Once again, it is all in the wrist so start slow and increase your speed.


This 3rd example is a good finger picking exercise. Use your index and middle fingers on your right hand to alternate pick every note in the phrase.


Now for the 4th example, let’s work off the previous one and include slapping, popping and some 5/8 time.


Hi, I’m the bass player for the local Milwaukee area heavy metal band, Splyne Drive. You can contact me via email at:chivobass617@aol.com . Please check out my band’s websites:

No songs on these websites feature me on bass. Material with me on it is
currently being recorded and should be done by mid February 2004.

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