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Carlos Lichman is a guitar player from Porto Alegre, Brazil, since 1996. He’s played in many rock, progressive and heavy metal bands in nightclubs all around Rio Grande do Sul State.

He recorded the "Wake up the Dragons" album with Neverland (heavy metal). This album was praised by many Brazilian magazines. However, one year later, Neverland’s members stopped playing together.

Playing with many musicians from his city, Carlos began to arrange the songs for his first solo demo in December 2002.

This demo CD is called "Planet Rock" and it has 2 songs. The first one is Planet Rock – a speed metal song, with many variations of key. The second one is Embroiled in Squabbles!! – A hard rock song, that sounds like Mr. Big with captivating guitar riffs and blues links.

This demo has the intention of contacting record companies, magazines, and radio stations for support for the recording of Carlos Lichman’s CD-debut. However, in little time of launching the Compact disc comes obtaining great compliments in the musical world, Carlos Lichman was prominent artist, junho/2003, on Engloba Music web site, beside great names of Brazilian music, as Marcos De Ros (Brazilian guitarist) and Aquiles Prister (Angra’s Drummer). The Compact disc can be bought in the CD Baby web site (USA) (www.cdbaby.com/lichman) since july/03.

After the release of the Planet Rock demo, Carlos has been arranging new songs for his first album and He is producing his first instructional guitar video.

Carlos teaches guitar lessons, workshops, does gigs, writes columns for the Guitar-Heroes web site (France), The Shred Zone (USA), Guitar Lessons Pro (USA), Rod Goelz (USA), Insane Guitar (USA) and Guitar Rock (Canada).


Carlos Lichman

Rua Tenente Ary Tarragô, 1990/405- bloco ‘C’

Cep: 91225-001

Phone: (55) 0 (xx51) 3344 1745


Site: www.lichman.hpg.com.br

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