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Style Analysis: Marty Friedman

So how would I classify Marty Friedman’s guitar style? Solo Oriented. Classically architectured solo’s this guy puts a lot of theory behind his work, for the most part. As of lately, with Megadeth, and their new album Risk, I would say he has become a little more laid back on the complexities with his solo work. Marty takes his music seriously, along with a style and sound which is all his own. Breaking it down, many musicians would appreciate the accuracy and well organized pattern of notes Friedman puts into his work. When Friedman is performing a piece all you are going to hear is the crisp, clear, note. This is what every critical musician keeps at their attention at all times. Anyone with an ear for music would notice a sloppily preformed piece. And any delicate and sophisticated solo piece can be easily degraded by the slightest inaccuracy or perfection flaw. Friedman knows what a perfect piece sounds like, and he goes after that sound. And that pretty much sums it up right there. Furthermore, classifying a sound is not done easily, especially with well written solo guitar work. There are so many different classifications Friedman would fall under. We will just say his talent is one of the best.

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