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Style Analysis: Fixing Composure Block

Playing Random chops & licks, or random structured runs is something I do quite often. Not a whole lot of thinking goes into most of my composers at beginning state. There are times when something just pops into my head & I hurry to fire up the recorder & lay some tracks down. But when I pick up the guitar with nothing but feeling, that is what I attempt to play. This is the entire point. I want to get the feeling out, and then expand on that. To any beginner artist or even the most experienced; I would suggest this to anyone with a feeling of writers block, or anyone who feels they just can’t mold their sound into what they are feeling. At some point you need to let your subconscious take over the finger work & let your feelings do the walking on the fret board. It may take hours before you actually stumble upon a killer lead or rhythm that blows your mind, and you might not stumble on anything at all. This can be true for anyone who is heavily critical on themselves (even I am guilty). But don’t give in to the method. It sometimes yields some of the best material.

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